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First Blood

Holly Tucker talks with Chapter 16 about the macabre history of blood transfusion

…so it is no wonder that competing physicians would turn their attention to the nature of blood. Holly Tucker, an associate professor at Vanderbilt, reveals their often gruesome experiments in…

Hot Blooded

Nashville author Holly Tucker explores the fascinating history of blood transfusion

…disturbing because of their differences from modern medical researchers, but because of their uncomfortable similarities. To read Chapter 16’s interview with Holly Tucker, click here. Holly Tucker will discuss and…

Beyond Domestic Fiction

There’s much more to Holly Goddard Jones’s stories than kitchen-sink realism

…been canonized as an example of “kitchen sink realism”—the fiction of regional, blue-collar America. Fast-forward to 2009, when a new Kentucky girl, Holly Goddard Jones, made the literary scene with…

Only Connect

A yearning to be known drives the characters in Holly LeCraw’s The Swimming Pool

The ideal beach read is often no more than the literary equivalent of an umbrella drink: light, frothy, and sweet. Although Holly LeCraw’s ambitious debut novel, The Swimming Pool, is…