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Pictures of a Life

In Richard Alley’s Amelia Thorn, a woman of her time becomes a woman ahead of her time

Memphis writer and editor Richard J. Alley takes readers on a tour of one photographer’s remarkable life, as well as the society of 20th-century Memphis and Mississippi, in his second…

Close Call

Second-prize winner in the Tennessee True Stories Essay Contest

Chapter 16 is pleased to publish the winners in our Tennessee True Stories Essay Contest. Regarding Richard C. Albins’ winning essay, contest judge Mary Laura Philpott writes: “Metal buckets evoke…

A Greener Frequency

Richard Powers’s latest novel, The Overstory, lets readers listen in on the voices of trees

On the opening page of his novel The Overstory, Richard Powers introduces one human character—identified only as “a woman”—and more than a dozen species of trees. Poplars gossip, persimmons bribe,…

The Home That Lies Always in Memory

Novelist and scholar Richard Marius hauntingly recalls the farm where he grew up in East Tennessee

…once-proud walls, all the years of childhood. And I sang on to the end. [This article appeared originally on January 13, 2011.] Richard Marius (1933-1999) was born in East Tennessee…