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A Swerve in an Unexpected Direction

The night I stopped reading with my 8-year-old son

Moping around the house, I acted as if I was the first parent to be cut off from reading with their kid. But parenthood delivers sudden reversals to all who dare to raise a child, particularly those who become overly attached to routines, traditions, or phases. You never know when they will end, sending you swerving in a new direction.

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Reality with a Twist

Bradley Sides explores the supernatural in Crocodile Tears Didn’t Cause the Flood

Bradley Sides’ sophomore short story collection, Crocodile Tears Didn’t Cause the Flood, combines the mundane with the supernatural.

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Taking Real Action

Andrew Maraniss on his new series of biographies for young readers

In his books Strong Inside, Singled Out, and Inaugural Ballers, Andrew Maraniss explored the intersection of sports, identity, and social justice. Now he’s bringing those themes to Beyond the Game: Athletes Change the World, a new series of biographies for young readers. Maraniss will appear at Parnassus Books in Nashville on March 5.

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An Invaluable Traveling Companion

Candacy Taylor explores the history and legacy of Victor Hugo Green’s iconic travel guide

FROM THE CHAPTER 16 ARCHIVE: In Overground Railroad, Candacy Taylor offers a cultural history of the iconic Green Book travel guide for Black Americans. 

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Holders of Secrets

Nature bears the burden of memory in William Woolfitt’s Ring of Earth

The stories in William Woolfitt’s collection Ring of Earth respect the complexity of memory — both communal and personal.

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All Shook Up

Michael Bertrand examines how rock ‘n’ roll united and divided Southerners across the color line

Tennessee State University historian Michael Bertrand reflects on the complicated history of race, rock ‘n’ roll, and the South. Southern History Remixed compels readers to contemplate the meaning of our everyday actions, behaviors, and consumer choices — including the music we listen to.

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