Chapter 16
A Community of Tennessee Writers, Readers & Passersby

Submission Guidelines

Chapter 16 welcomes all reader comments and emails. For other kinds of contributions, we offer the following guidelines:

  • Book coverage: If you are an author with a Tennessee connection and wish to have your book considered for review, contact the editor with full publication information (publisher, publication date, ISBN, and publicity contact). Please don’t send unsolicited review copies to the office of Humanities Tennessee. 
  • Poetry: We print poetry by invitation only, generally in the form of a book excerpt published in connection with a public reading. Please don’t send unsolicited poetry submissions.
  • Essays: We welcome original essay submissions from anyone with a Tennessee connection. We aren’t interested in literary analysis, op-ed style arguments, or self-help prescriptions. We look for poetic essays, funny essays, thought-provoking essays — any essay that tells a true story in an engaging or imaginative way. To submit an essay for possible publication, please paste it into our contact form, which will deliver it to the editor of Chapter 16. Be sure to include a note explaining your Tennessee connection. Ideal length: 900-1,500 words, give or take a few hundred. Payment on acceptance: $100.
  • Review contributors: Chapter 16 operates on an assignment basis, and reviews and interviews are generally assigned months in advance of a book’s appearance in stores. If you’d like to contribute book reviews in the future, please contact us with an email of introduction, along with links to your published reviews.
  • Event coverage: We’re always eager to receive information about literary festivals and public conferences in Tennessee. Please note that we list individual author events solely in conjunction with our book coverage. If you’re submitting a book for review, or if you have a recent review or interview on the site, we’d love to hear about any public events you have planned in Tennessee. Chapter 16 does not keep a comprehensive list of author events around the state, and — with rare exceptions — we don’t announce upcoming author events in our weekly newsletter unless we’ll be publishing relevant content at the site

Advertising at Chapter 16:

We offer advertising space for sale only to publishers, booksellers, and arts and cultural organizations. No more than four ads will run during the same period, with a different ad appearing randomly each time a reader clicks into the site or moves to a new page. Space is available for the following rates:

One month: $300
Three weeks: $230
Two weeks: $155
One week: $80
Ad copy should come to us as a .jpg file that’s 600 pixels wide by 500 pixels high at 72 dpi. (The ad will run at half that size, but a larger file produces a clearer image.) If you need us to create the ad to your specs, there will a small extra charge. Please contact us to make arrangements.