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Europe’s Bloody Borderlands

Timothy Snyder talks with Chapter 16 about the peoples and territories trapped between Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia during the 1930s and 1940s

FROM THE CHAPTER 16 ARCHIVE:In the bestselling Bloodlands, which has been critically acclaimed and widely translated, Timothy Snyder argues that the systematic killings in the Nazi death camps were part of the same arc of violence as the mass starving inflicted on Ukraine by the Soviets in the 1930s and the extra-legal killings perpetrated by Germans and Russians alike during their occupation of Poland, Ukraine, and the Baltic States. 

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The Quiet General

Jack Hurst reveals the secret of Ulysses S. Grant’s success

In America’s Hardscrabble General: Ulysses S. Grant from Farm Boy to Shiloh, Jack Hurst shows how Grant’s upbringing and life’s struggles perfectly prepared him for achieving greatness as a leader in America’s bloodiest war.

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Meeting the Blues

Two California grad students get quite an education in the 1960s South

Going Up the Country revisits fieldwork expeditions to Mississippi and Louisiana at the height of the blues revival by two young scholars from UCLA.

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More of a Burden Than a Gift

A debut collection of stories illuminates family sorrows

The pain of dysfunctional relationships is the unifying theme among the 10 stories showcased in Lisa Cupolo’s debut collection, Have Mercy on Us. Set around the globe from Africa to Greece, Canada to Catalina Island, the vignettes Cupolo crafts sharply illustrate often decades-old family dynamics.

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Much Ado About Something

Percival Everett plays with meaning and time in Dr. No

Percival Everett’s Dr. No is much ado about nothing. But in this novel, his 23rd, Everett explores the idea that perhaps nothing is something. Or everything.

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“A Warm Day in Winter”

Book Excerpt: The Foundling Wheel

FROM THE CHAPTER 16 ARCHIVE: Blas Falconer is the author of The Foundling Wheel and A Question of Gravity and Light. His poems have been featured by Poets & Writers, The Poetry Foundation, and Poetry Society of America. 

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