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Tina Chambers

The Ugly Baggage of the World

Lauren Yero’s debut novel follows two teens who risk it all to challenge their unjust world

Fans of dystopian romance will likely find much to enjoy in Under This Forgetful Sky, Lauren Yero’s tale of star-crossed lovers who become caught up in the dirty politics of their homelands. Yero will discuss the book at the 2023 Southern Festival of Books in Nashville on October 21-22.

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I’m From Cleveland

David Madden shines an honest light on his family history

Distinguished man of letters and Knoxville native David Madden adds a family memoir to his impressive roster of publications. Set mostly in mid-century Knoxville, Momma’s Lost Piano tells the story of his mother, Emily Merritt Madden, and life’s cruel betrayal of her early expectations.

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Happiness and Hope Are Worth Choosing

A true story of adventure and inspiration for middle-grade readers

Adapted for middle-grade readers from Hayley Arceneaux’s 2022 memoir of the same name, Wild Ride tells the story of her recovery from childhood cancer and her unexpected opportunity, at age 29, to join the first all-civilian mission to space.

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Carrying the Torch

Lee Smith on lunch with Dolly, the transformative power of words, and the Southern Festival of Books

Chapter 16 talks with master storyteller Lee Smith about her writing process and her fond memories of the annual Southern Festival of Books in Nashville. Smith will appear at this year’s festival on October 21-22.

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Some Weird Stuff’s Been Happening

Matthew Vollmer’s memoir considers the mysteries of the living and the dead

Matthew Vollmer’s All of Us Together in the End contemplates the certainties of life and its mysteries – whether natural or supernatural. Vollmer will discuss the book at Union Ave. Books in Knoxville on May 23 and The Bookshop in Nashville on May 24.

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Time’s Bridge

Teens work against the clock to save lives in a time-twisty murder mystery

Justin Warren, the protagonist of Lauren Thoman’s debut novel, I’ll Stop the World, finds himself in a bit of a pickle. It seems he’s suddenly time-traveled to the 1985 version of his hometown, where he has a week to solve a mystery and save his grandparents’ lives. Lauren Thoman will discuss her work at a “Birthing the Book” event hosted by The Porch in Nashville on May 11.

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