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Brooks Egerton

Faithful to the Fantastical

Matthew Baker toys with storytelling conventions in Why Visit America

Matthew Baker’s second story collection, Why Visit America, explores and cross-breeds multiple genres, upending readers’ expectations through alienated characters, fierce conflicts, and surreal settings.

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Current State

The stories in Matthew Baker’s Hybrid Creatures are perfectly tuned to the twenty-first century

Matthew Baker’s new story collection, Hybrid Creatures, tracks the quests of four brilliant, lonely misfits. Together they add up to something like a collage of one anguished archetype.

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A Colorful Cast of Characters

Elyzabeth Gregory Wilder talks with Chapter 16 about tonight’s world premiere of her new play, Everything That’s Beautiful

Everything That’s Beautiful by Tennessee playwright Elyzabeth Gregory Wilder gets its world premiere tonight at New Conservatory Theatre Center in San Francisco. Crisp dialogue and poignant characterization mark the script, which follows a family struggling to start over for the sake of their transgender child.

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Fearless and Exacting

The new Sewanee Review will appear the end of this month, and “new” hardly begins to describe it

Novelist Adam Ross, the first new editor of The Sewanee Review since 1973, will launch the storied literary magazine’s redesign on January 31. In it, there’s enough transgression to satisfy the spirit of Tennessee Williams, whose bequest supports the Review’s publication.

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Last Suppers

Remembering a childhood friend, lost and found and lost again

March 5, 2014 Over the years, I had turned to almighty Google to find my childhood friend, but there were too many Peter Watsons out there, perhaps, or perhaps I didn’t try hard enough. One way or another, I never found any footprints pointing toward Nashville, where long ago we were running buddies—not fellow joggers, as that term has come to mean, but boys who ran around together, made mischief, and learned a little something about how the world works.

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