Chapter 16
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Carrington Fox

Postcard From Paris

A new perspective on the City of Lights

This spring, I returned to Paris for the first time — with almost two decades of marriage, three kids, a freshly minted technical college diploma, and a new career in construction under my belt. The city looked very different.

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Glorious Patchwork

It’s the ragged patches that make us who we are

My parents weren’t car people, and they adopted a vehicle that only a bootlegger could love.

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Spring Theory

An urban farmer reconsiders the experiment

May 13, 2014 If measured on a scale—not from one to ten, but an actual scale—the fruits of my gardening labor could be tallied in ounces, not pounds. There was that handful of blueberries we harvested one year. And that sublime ear of corn the next. There has been the occasional arugula salad and the intermittent tomato, but for the most part there has been drought, excessive shade, blight, rot, and cussing.

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