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David Bersell

As Real as They Are Magical

Bradley Sides’ debut collection delivers sincerely strange stories

Bradley Sides dedicates his first book to “all the dreamers, young and old — those now and those becoming….” Whether or not you consider yourself a dreamer — or a fan of magical realism — you will likely find something to believe in reading Sides’ beautiful stories.

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The Bard of Memphis

Corey Mesler’s hippie poet returns in The Adventures of Camel Jeremy Eros

Corey Mesler’s The Adventures of Camel Jeremy Eros follows its titular hero from boyhood in “one of the poorer sections of Frayser, a poorer section of Shelby County, north of the perpetually poor Memphis” to San Francisco’s Summer of Love, literary stardom, and beyond.

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The Boys of My Youth

What do we owe the universe for surviving?

Every Fourth of July, my buddies and I camped in the woods behind Anderson’s house. We called it Boston Hill because you could see the lights of the city thirty miles away. You could watch fireworks from all directions, all at once.

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