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G. Robert Frazier

Chaos Ensues

Greaney’s Gray Man tackles a new foe: artificial intelligence

The Gray Man, Mark Greaney’s former CIA operative turned freelance action hero, is back in another high-voltage thriller, The Chaos Agent.  Greaney will appear at Novel in Memphis on February 24.

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Wonder Boy of the South

Author William Walker waves the final flag on the death of Indy racing legend Pete Kreis

In The Last Lap, William Walker offers an unforgettable look at Pete Kreis’ life and death on the Indy racing circuit and an engrossing history of the birth and rise of the sport.

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Nashville Heroes

Journalist Tim Ghianni recalls decades covering country legends

Pilgrims, Pickers and Honky-Tonk Heroes is a tribute to Nashville’s country music legends and the city’s past.

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A Brave Guy

Keel Hunt chronicles the life and career of a great Tennessee jurist

A Sense of Justice: Judge Gilbert S. Merritt and His Times isn’t just a biography of Judge Merritt. It’s a chronicle of Nashville’s most influential movers and shakers through more than five decades.

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No Gray Area

Mark Greaney’s Gray Man delivers action and drama in Burner

Burner, the 12th volume in Mark Greaney’s popular Gray Man series, is another high-octane dose of excitement and thrills to rival the best James Bond or Jack Reacher yarns. Greaney will celebrate the release of Burner at Charlie Vergos’ Rendezvous in Memphis on February 25.

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Heartbreak and Betrayal

J.T. Ellison pens a deeply personal, compelling thriller with It’s One of Us

Family secrets and murder test a couple’s faith in each other in J.T. Ellison’s most personal, emotion-laden novel to date. The author will discuss It’s One of Us at Parnassus Books in Nashville on February 20.

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