Chapter 16
A Community of Tennessee Writers, Readers & Passersby

Jen Wallwork Dominguez

Goodbye, Kind Friend

With Tammy Derr, founder of Fairytales Bookstore, everyone was inside the circle

December 17, 2015 I have no idea if Tammy heard any of the things I said to her. Perhaps she can tell me someday when I see her on the other side. But this I know for sure: that waiting room was filled with people, and every single one of them belonged there. Everyone was in because Tammy had drawn them in. That is Tammy’s legacy. The legacy of belonging, the legacy of community.

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Growing Home

An only child contemplates her unlikely path to motherhood

April 20, 2015 My parents entered into marriage under the duress of an unplanned pregnancy, and spent the next nine brutal years locked up together, punishing each other for the mistake. By the time I graduated high school I had decided that I would never have children.

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