Chapter 16
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Lagnajita Mukhopadhyay


March 28, 2016 Lagnajita Mukhopadhyay is a senior at Hume-Fogg Academic Magnet School, and she has been writing for as long as she can remember with the help of her creative and supportive parents. In 2015, she served as the first-ever Nashville Youth Poet Laureate, and her work is under contract with Penmanship Books. She will read from this is our war at Parnassus Books in Nashville on April 1, 2016, at 6 p.m.

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An Insignificant Balcony

Perhaps history is anything that is found in the past and repeated in the future

April 20, 2015 The steps to our little balcony seem narrower each time, my hands tracing the delicate staircase. I forget the feeling of cool metal under my fingertips and dust that covers every millimeter of space until I have made it to the top, realizing what I’ve missed all along. There stand my grandparents in the doorframe with stolen time in their skin and longing in their veins.

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