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Peggy Burch

Women in a World Designed for Men

A WWI librarian and a Naval Academy plebe confront injustice

In her second novel, The War Librarian, Nashville-based writer Addison Armstrong looks at contemporary cultural conflicts by taking a detailed dive into two moments in history. Armstrong will discuss the book at Parnassus Books in Nashville on August 9.

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A Mystery Set to Music

Parton and Patterson tell a Nashville story in Run, Rose, Run

In Run, Rose, Run, Dolly Parton and James Patterson collaborate on a story about a frightened young woman escaping a mysterious menace while pursuing a career as a country music singer/songwriter.

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A Tale of Two Women

A nurse and a teacher from different eras follow similar paths in The Light of Luna Park

Addison Armstrong’s debut novel, The Light of Luna Park, is a deft fusion of fiction and the facts about a startling moment in medical history, when a project to save premature infants became an amusement park sideshow.

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The Gray Man goes to Berlin, and the movies

The 10th thriller in the Gray Man series follows news of a Netflix film

In Relentless, Memphis-based author Mark Greaney sends his fictional assassin Court Gentry, aka the Gray Man, to Berlin to protect the woman he loves. A cinematic version of The Gray Man series is in the works, with Ryan Gosling as the title character.

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Future Farms

A science writer traveled to the fields and labs where agriculture is changing

Nashville-based science writer Amanda Little talks with Chapter 16 about The Fate of Food, the result of five years of research in 15 countries. A paperback edition of the book has just been released.

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