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Peggy Burch

A House that Binds

In Angela Flournoy’s first novel, members of a large Detroit clan clash and thrive in a city under stress

Set in Detroit, Angela Flournoy’s critically celebrated first novel follows the struggles—with relationships, addiction, finances, even a ghost—of thirteen siblings and their parents. Flournoy discussed The Turner House with Chapter 16 prior to her 2016 appearances at the Southern Festival of Books in Nashville and the University of Tennessee campus in Knoxville.

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Wielding Power Softly

Amy Greenberg’s new biography calls Sarah Polk the ‘First Lady who was a lady first’

Amy S. Greenberg, professor of history and women’s studies at Penn State University, will talk about Lady First, her biography of Sarah Childress Polk, at the East Tennessee History Center in Knoxville on January 29.

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Writing and Religion

Belle Boggs’ novel The Gulf is a wry takedown of the for-profit school scene

In The Gulf, Belle Boggs pits a money-strapped poet against an evangelical organization with a mission to make money. Boggs will appear at the Southern Festival of Books, held in Nashville on October 11-13.

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Facing the Tanks

Red Metal imagines a Russian invasion of Europe

With Red Metal, Mark Greaney and Lt. Col. Hunter “Rip” Rawlings deliver a propulsive novel about a surprise military assault in Europe by Russian Federation forces.

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Where Food Meets Science

Amanda Little’s The Fate of Food considers the future of our global table

Nashville author Amanda Little traveled the globe—touching down in orchards, fields, oceans, and science labs—to research her new book The Fate of Food: What We’ll Eat in a Bigger, Hotter, Smarter World. She’ll appear at Parnassus Books in Nashville on June 13.

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A Flawed Hero in Tumultuous Times

Preston Lauterbach’s Bluff City looks at the strange legacy of a civil-rights figure who worked as an FBI spy

Preston Lauterbach considers both the bravery and seeming treachery of a civil-rights photojournalist and FBI informant in Bluff City: The Secret Life of Photographer Ernest Withers. Lauterbach will appear at Novel in Memphis on January 14.

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