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Richard Bausch

Living by Stories

Novelist Richard Bausch teaches his writing students patience, toughness, and the willingness to fail

April 18, 2013 A Celebration of Southern Literature, the biennial gathering of the Fellowship of Southern Writers, begins today in Chattanooga and will run though April 20. Novelist Richard Bausch, a member of the Fellowship and a legendary writing teacher, is beloved in the literary community for his Facebook posts that spur and encourage and guide aspiring writers. In conjunction with the Chattanooga celebration, he has kindly permitted Chapter 16 to repost a selection of his Facebook updates.

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Valuable Artifacts

Master novelist and short-story writer Richard Bausch explains why “books are the physical vessels that keep us linked to all the human times and places”

January 3, 2010 Richard Bausch is the author of nineteen books of fiction, including the novels Rebel Powers, Violence, Good Evening Mr. & Mrs. America And All The Ships At Sea, In The Night Season, Hello To The Cannibals, Thanksgiving Night, The Last Good Time, and Peace; and the short-story collections Spirits, The Fireman’s Wife, Rare & Endangered Species, Someone To Watch Over Me, The Stories of Richard Bausch, Wives & Lovers, and his newest book, Something Is Out There. He has won two National Magazine Awards, a Guggenheim Fellowship, a Lila-Wallace Reader’s Digest Fund Writer’s Award, the Award of the American Academy of Arts and Letters, and The 2004 PEN/Malamud Award for Excellence in the Short Story. In 1995 he was elected to the Fellowship of Southern Writers. He currently holds the Moss Chair of Excellence in the Writing Program at The University of Memphis.

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