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Tristan Hickey

Out of Chaos, Discovery

Parnassus Books is opening this weekend in Nashville, and Chapter 16 has the inside story

November 16, 2011 Two months ago, Ann Patchett and Karen Hayes hired Tristan Hickey—Chapter 16’s summer intern—to help them launch Parnassus Books. On Saturday the store officially opens its doors to the public. Today Hickey gives a behind-the-scenes account of the launch of the Nashville bookstore the whole country is talking about.

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Kisses from Katie: A Story of Relentless Love and Redemption

Kisses from Katie: A Story of Relentless Love and Redemption

Katie J. Davis
Howard Books
288 pages

“With reckless abandon, Katie Davis followed her heart to care for orphans living in extreme poverty in Uganda. Her stories captivate the reader to take action, join her work, and make the world a better place for children—one by one.”

— Senator William H. Frist, MD

Bitch? Please! How Nice Girls Can Succeed in a Bitch's World

Megan Munroe
Turner Publishing
236 pages

“Honestly, I wish Bitch? Please! was around when I entered the workforce because it offers practical tips on how to deal with difficult women. I now wonder if I would be in a different place in my career if I had access to the advice. The book is an enjoyable read, almost as though it was written by a personal friend specifically for me. Moving forward, I’ll be implementing Munroe’s tips and embracing the nice girl image and hope you will, too.”

— Jennifer Huber,

The Amphibians of Tennessee

The Amphibians of Tennessee

Matthew Niemiller and R. Graham Reynolds
University of Tennessee Press

Brimming with color photographs and reflecting the latest scientific research, this book is the definitive guide to the rich diversity of frogs and salamanders found throughout Tennessee. Featuring detailed accounts of all eighty of the state’s species of amphibians, it will delight and inform the professional scientist and amateur naturalist alike.

— From the Publisher

Murder on Music Row: A Music Industry Thriller

Stuart Dill
John F. Blair
344 pages

“Dill, who has served as personal manager for Minnie Pearl, Billy Ray Cyrus and other notables in the Nashville country music world, brings his insider’s expertise to his solid debut, a mystery thriller…The conclusion is stunning.”

Publishers Weekly

Listen: Twenty Nine Short Conversations

Listen: Twenty Nine Short Conversations

Corey Mesler
202 Pages

“Corey Mesler’s page-turning collection offers readers conversation: here is a deeply engaging mode which delights the intelligence while also registering on the nervous system of its readers – a combination that will wake you right up. These pieces also return us to the essence of the gift of conversation itself: that we might learn to live with it – the mysteries and gaps that haunt the human experience. This is an exciting new work from a writer who knows how to position himself in order to truly listen and mercifully invites his readers to do the same.”

— Selah Saterstrom, author of The Meat and Spirit Plan