Chapter 16
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A Bookshop on Wheels

Nashville’s Parnassus Books launches a bookmobile

Make room, Nashville food trucks: there’s a new kid in town. Parnassus Books—which took its name from Parnassus on Wheels, a 1917 Christopher Morley novella about a book-selling caravan—has just fulfilled its own destiny by launching a bookstore on wheels.

Pegasus (or Peggy, if you’re feeling familiar) will travel to a variety of Nashville stores, restaurants, farmer’s markets, and galleries, and the list of destinations is growing by the day. Karen Hayes is the one who dreamed up the idea of the bookmobile, but co-owner Ann Patchett was, er, on board immediately: “Getting people to think about reading, then getting them to buy a real book, then getting them to buy a real book from an independent bookseller” can be a challenge, she told Mary Laura Philpott in the Parnassus literary magazine, Musing. “The bookmobile introduces an element of both whimsy and spontaneity to the experience.” For more details—and a bunch of adorable pictures—click here.