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At the Intersection of Luxury and Simplicity

June 24, 2013 Today, Memphis native Dana Sachs talks with Chapter 16 about her second novel, The Secret of Nightingale Palace. Sachs is a former journalist and the author of five books, including the nonfiction titles like The House on Dream Street and The Life We Were Given. The Secret of Nightingale Palace follows the struggles of thirty-five-year-old Anna. Following the death of her husband, Anna is surprised to hear from her grandmother, Goldie, after years of silence. The two women take a cross-country journey that brings them closer together but also reveals a multitude of secrets. In this edition of Chapter 16’s podcast series, Sachs discusses the ways in which her own family history inspired her newest novel, as well as the challenges that her characters encounter as they struggle to find happiness and fulfillment.

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