Chapter 16
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Behind the Shattered Glass

Behind the Shattered Glass

Behind the shattered Glass

Tasha Alexander
304 pages

“Lady Emily Hargreave’s latest case presents itself, literally, on her doorstep with the abrupt collapse of handsome Archibald Scolfield, her newest neighbor and latest in a line of victims who “have no sense of decorum at all.” Scolfield arrived to claim his inheritance as the new marquess of Montagu, and his demise in this isolated location is extremely awkward. Lady Emily, whose intrepid personality rivals Elizabeth Peters’ fearless Amelia Peabody, chooses at once to investigate Scolfield’s new household and, surprisingly, when clues lead her there, to grill her own house staff. … This delightful addition to Alexander’s Victorian series, with its requisite cast of aristocrats, locals, and disgruntled staff, is an eminently readable romantic puzzler reminiscent of Deanna Raybourn’s Lady Julia Grey novels and the mysteries of Georgette Heyer.”