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Bright Lights, Long Battery Life

Author Jay McInerney beefs up his high-tech cred with a (sort-of) review of the Apple iPad

April 14, 2010 Early adopters take note, Jay McInerney half-blogs his initial response to Apple's iPad over at The Daily Beast. Along the way, he opines on Amazon vs. Apple, quantifies his travel reading requirements, and questions the holiness of print. "I don't consider the magazine, as a physical object, to be sacred. It's that it's always been so much more convenient than its online incarnation." Not so much, anymore, McInerney says, now that the Fall issue of Vanity Fair in print and on the iPad are more-or-less the same size and weight.

The upshot: the author and one-time middle-Tennessean rates the new, super-hyped device "one and a half thumbs up. And I wasn't even able to get online." (Only half a thumb for wireless world-wide-webbed connectivity? We always suspected that the Internet was overrated.) Read the story online — with wires or without — here.