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Carrying on the Legacy

Novelist Adam Ross is the new editor of The Sewanee Review

Last week an announcement from up the mountain hit Facebook like a meteor: George Core, editor of The Sewanee Review for the past forty-two years, would be stepping down at the end of 2016. The new editor is Nashville novelist Adam Ross, longtime friend of Chapter 16 and author of two books (a novel, Mr. Peanut, and a story collection, Ladies and Gentlemen) as well as a third (a novel called Playworld) that’s due from Knopf next year.

“Ross—a writer and editor of excellent fiction and nonfiction alike—will carry on the legacy of the longest continually running literary magazine in the nation while exploring and charting the ever-expanding frontier of contemporary literature,” the announcement read.

Core will oversee the journal’s final two issues of 2016, but Ross is already preparing for the first issue of 2017. “It’s a privilege, and I’m echoing Allen Tate here: ‘Whatever the new literature turns out to be it will be the privilege of The Sewanee Review to print its share of it, to comment on it, and try to understand it.’ What I’m coming-out-of-my-skin excited about is the opportunity to give writers I admire a chance to express themselves in new ways and new writers a place to be read for the first time. It’s what the Review has done throughout its magnificent history, which explains why it has endured.”

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