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Duking It Out

Amanda Little, author of Power Trip, takes on climate-change skeptic Phelim McAleer in a debate moderated by the inimitable Sarah Silverman

April 7, 2010 If your idea of a multimedia presentation on global warming begins and ends with the somber pronouncements of An Inconvenient Truth, check out the debate between Nashvillian Amanda Little, author of Power Trip: From Oil Wells to Solar Cells—A Ride to Our Renewable Future, and independent filmmaker Phelim McAleer, a global-warming denier. The debate, sponsored by Lexus to call attention to its new hybrid vehicle, was held in New York City on March 30 and proved to be a raucous event. (Moderater Sarah Silverman’s opening lines set the tone: “Let’s start this motherf***er!”) To read why Amanda Little is holding her nose and supporting President Obama’s plan to allow offshore drilling—and to see a clip from the debate with McAleer—click here. To read Chapter 16‘s review of Power Trip, click here.

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