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Holocaust in History

MTSU conference results in two books

October 25, 2010 Dr. Nancy Rupprecht, professor of history at Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU), and the Holocaust Studies Committee have received a contract to create a second book based on papers from the MTSU International Holocaust Studies Conference. The title will be The Holocaust and World War II in History and in Memory. The book will be published by Cambridge Scholars, a British academic publisher. The same publisher this year released Holocaust Persecution: Responses and Consequences, which is based upon the 2007 Holocaust Studies Conference. That book includes articles “by two world-class scholars (Gerhard Weinberg and Robert Satloff), three essays on Arab Rescue of Jews in the Holocaust, and two or three essays on women,” says Rupprecht.

The MTSU Holocaust Conference became the International Holocaust Conference in 2009 after attracting other paper proposals from scholars from Canada, Germany, Great Britain, Ukraine, Poland, Israel, Italy and Slovenia to participate in the ninth biennial conference.