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Roger Hodge, new editor at the Oxford American, stops by The Colbert Report

February 13, 2013 Roger D. Hodge, a Sewanee grad and the freshly appointed editor of the Oxford American, dropped by to chat with Stephen Colbert on Comedy Central’s The Colbert Report about the release of his first issue as editor.

The affable Hodge and the wisecracking Colbert managed to talk about the merits of the Oxford American, whether Texas is actually part of “the South,” the abomination that is beef ribs, and Louisiana as the most musical state in the Union. When asked why the Oxford American is sometimes referred to as “The New Yorker of the South”, Hodge joked, “The New Yorker tends to come every week and pile up because, according to some people, no one reads it.”

The Oxford American is a quarterly focusing on Southern culture and its richness from art to literature to music to cuisine. Hodge plans to expand the magazine’s scope to include more journalism. Hodge took over as editor in August of last year and has included a CD to accompany the latest issue of the magazine.

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