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Intrigue in Spain

Mike Maden hits another bullseye with Tom Clancy Firing Point

Trouble has a way of finding President Jack Ryan and his son, Jack Jr., the legendary heroes of the late Tom Clancy’s clandestine spy thrillers who are back for another go in Tom Clancy Firing Point by Knoxville’s Mike Maden. The author will hold a virtual discussion about the book with Union Ave. Books in Knoxville on June 14.

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Love and Death at Sea

Lisa Alther’s Swan Song sends its grief-stricken 60-something heroine on a cruise

Swan Song: An Odyssey, the eighth novel by Kingsport native Lisa Alther, is a witty meditation on loss and longing in late-middle age.


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An Anguished Quest

Jessica Pearce Rotondi explores her family’s grief in What We Inherit

The journalist Jessica Pearce Rotondi was 8 years old before she heard her mother speak the name of her uncle, Jack Pearce, who vanished when his plane was shot down over Laos in March 1972. In her propulsive memoir, What We Inherit, Rotondi probes her family’s agonized search for truth across three generations.

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Book Excerpt: Greetings from New Nashville

Greetings from New Nashville, an essay collection edited by Steve Haruch, will be published in October 2020. Contributors include Ann Patchett, Ben Folds, and Tiana Clark. Haruch is a writer and filmmaker whose work has appeared in the Nashville Scene, The New York Times, NPR’s Code Switch, The Guardian, and elsewhere. He is currently producing a documentary film about the history of college radio.

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Beyond Catharsis

Stephanie Danler’s memoir disrupts the usual narrative structures found in stories of addiction

In Stray, Stephanie Danler doesn’t just look directly at her own childhood trauma, but tracks the borders and shapes that trauma forms in her adult life.

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Here Be Dragons

Wayétu Moore flees from Liberia’s civil war and fights to be seen in race-obsessed America

In Wayétu Moore’s memoir, The Dragons, the Giant, the Women, Moore details her flight from Liberia’s civil war, her disorientation in an America obsessed with skin color, and her search for the warrior-woman who helped her family escape.

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