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Broken Lives

Don Winslow’s action-filled collection is layered with emotion

In his new novella collection, Broken, Don Winslow takes a breather from the intensely dark depictions of violence in his Cartel crime trilogy, but he still provides plenty of action to satisfy readers

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A Meditation on Memory

Newbery Medalist Lois Lowry explores human connectedness in On the Horizon

In On the Horizon, her new novel in verse for young readers, Newbery Medalist Lois Lowry reflects on World War II by drawing on her childhood memories of life in Honolulu and Japan.

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Lois Lowry Broadens Her Horizons

After two Newbery Medals and more than 40 books, Lois Lowry writes her first book in verse

In On the Horizon, acclaimed children’s author Lois Lowry explores the history of World War II through the stories of those who died in the attack on Pearl Harbor and the bombing of Hiroshima. Chapter 16 talked with Lowry about writing in verse for the first time, what she thought of the film adaptation of The Giver, what surprises her about children’s literature after decades in the field, and more.

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Dog in the Bottoms

A four-legged role model shows me how to live in the moment

Each time I regain consciousness, I look for Zo’s white tail. Usually, I spot it flicking back and forth — ahead of me, to the left, to the right, sometimes behind. If I don’t see that waving beacon, I call. Soon I hear, then see her racing toward me at full speed, 45 pounds of solid enthusiasm.

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Hidden Tennessee

Cave expert Larry E. Matthews takes readers on a remarkable tour of the Middle Tennessee underground

For over 40 years, Nashville resident Larry E. Matthews has produced a slew of specialized books chronicling some of Tennessee’s 10,000 known caves. His latest, the lavishly illustrated Caves of the Highland Rim, may be the most accessible to general readers, revealing hidden worlds through Matthews’ clear prose and detailed photographs by Bob Biddix.

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Death Is the Mother of Beauty

Poet Andrew McFadyen-Ketchum talks with Chapter 16 about grief, memory, and healing

Nashville poet Andrew McFadyen-Ketchum’s second collection, Visiting Hours, is an invitation to join him in communing with and grieving for the spirit of his longtime friend Mary Interlandi, who took her life in 2003. It is at once sweeping and focused, grand and intimate.

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