Chapter 16
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Like Walking into a Poem

Standing along the fragile edge

In Slow Fuse of the Possible, poet Kate Daniels takes readers inside her harrowing experience as an analysand, exploring how poetry and psychoanalysis come from the same psychic place. Kate Daniels will read from her work at Vanderbilt University in Nashville on February 3.

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Called to the Water

A global fleet of stories about the deep

Trouble the Waters: Tales from the Deep Blue — a new anthology of speculative fiction co-edited by acclaimed Memphis writer Sheree Renée Thomas — recognizes and celebrates the boundless wealth of creative sustenance offered by our world’s bodies of water.

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The Crafts of Freedom

Martin Luther King Jr.’s Mountaintop speech was more than brilliant rhetorical art; it was also the culmination of a lifetime spent in intense and extensive reading

April 2, 2015 We rightly associate Martin Luther King Jr.’s oratorical eloquence with his vocation as a Baptist minister, following his father and grandfather before him. But King also emerged from the rhetorical tradition of the liberal arts, transforming the sources with which he engaged throughout his too-brief life.

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Good Fortune

It was a weirdly specific message to get from a cookie

Divorce is an ugly business — at least it was for me. I felt as though everything in my life was broken: my home, my family, even my sanity. I didn’t know it then, but far from being over, my life was about to get interesting.

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Feeding a Movement

Suzanne Cope profiles Black women who used food to fight for freedom

In Power Hungry, author Suzanne Cope profiles Aylene Quin, a restaurant owner in McComb, Mississippi, and Memphis resident Cleo Silvers, who ran free breakfast programs for the Black Panther Party. By feeding people, they advanced the Black struggle for freedom.

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Forgotten Flora

Georgann Eubanks celebrates endangered native plants in Saving the Wild South

In Saving the Wild South, Georgann Eubanks and photographer Donna Campbell visit seven Southern states to seek out rare native plants. Eubanks creates compelling narratives of the natural history of 10 endangered species, along with the personal histories of dedicated individuals fighting to save these plants from extinction.

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