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The Year of Living Surreally

For Robyn Hitchcock, the psychedelic call of 1967 inspired a lifetime of music

Robyn Hitchcock’s memoir 1967 tells the story of a time, a place, a music — and how they fired his imagination. Hitchcock will appear at Parnassus Books in Nashville on July 18.

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Soccer on the Edge of Town

It’s painful, this loss, this growing up

I still remember the soccer fields at the edge of Nashville, off Highway 70. Way out in Bellevue by the Toys ’R Us and the Sonic and the psychic with the big white sign. We had to be there early for our games. Squinting hour, foggy hour. Can’t-finish-your-cereal hour.

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Looking Back on 50 Years of Tennessee Books

50 Books / HT50, Part 10: 2018-2022

This final installment of the 50 Book / HT 50 series features two Pulitzer Prize winners, a book about a controversial figure in the Civil Rights Movement, a richly imagined historical novel set in Nashville, and an award-winning collection of essays about the South. 

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Memphis Noir

Ace Atkins creates an unforgettable detective and an intimate portrait of Memphis in Don’t Let the Devil Ride

Ace Atkins, known for his Quinn Colson novels, has crafted a classic detective tale in Don’t Let the Devil Ride, an international thriller solidly anchored in Memphis. Atkins will appear at Novel in Memphis on June 26 and in an online discussion with Chapter 16’s Michael Ray Taylor on July 16.

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Making a New Sun

Saeed Jones writes poetry of grief and survival

FROM THE CHAPTER 16 ARCHIVE: Alive at the End of the World is the latest apocalyptic collection of poetry from Memphis native Saeed Jones. 

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The Whole Truth

Novelist Jill Ciment reconsiders her own story

When novelist Jill Ciment was 17, she began a relationship with her art teacher, a married man 30 years her senior. Their love affair became a marriage that lasted until her husband’s death more than four decades later. Ciment wrote about their romance in her 1996 memoir, Half a Life. In a new book, Consent, Ciment reconsiders their story. Ciment will discuss the book with Ann Patchett at Parnassus Books in Nashville on June 27.

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