Chapter 16
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On Modern Farming

Arwen Donahue illustrates daily life on a Kentucky farm

Life moves rapidly in the 21st century, but Arwen Donahue invites readers to slow down and consider the small moments in Landings: A Crooked Creek Farm Year.

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How You’ll Remember You Were Made from Her

Sara Moore Wagner gives voice to the addict mother in Hillbilly Madonna

In Hillbilly Madonna, Sara Moore Wagner infuses her poems of Appalachian family trauma with deep compassion and an unusual focus on women’s experiences of addiction.

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Out of the Shadows of History

Novelist Patricia L. Hudson brings Rebecca Boone, Daniel’s wife, to the fore

Rebecca Boone, wife of the famous frontiersman Daniel Boone, is front and center, fully alive and endlessly compelling, in Patricia L. Hudson’s novel Traces.

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Flight to Balad

We pushed it way too far but miraculously escaped with our lives

Medics flung open the cargo doors and deposited an Iraqi man whose drawn and lined face exposed a life well acquainted with war and hardship. Shouted instructions to “Get him to Balad!” — the site of the big American trauma hospital — sent us on our way.

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Souled Out

Thomas Healy chronicles the creation of a planned Black city in 1970s North Carolina 

In Soul City, Thomas Healy tells the epic, tragic, and potent story of founding a new, Black-oriented community in 1970s North Carolina. Healy will discuss Soul City at a virtual event held on Facebook Live, on the page of the Benjamin L. Hooks Institute for Social Change, on November 15.

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