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New Americana

Scott Gloden’s debut story collection delves into America’s identity dilemma

The Great American Everything received the C. Michael Curtis Short Story Book Prize, given annually to an emerging writer from a Southern state. Despite the expressly regional tag, the stories in Scott Gloden’s debut collection could be called new Americana.

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Time’s Bridge

Teens work against the clock to save lives in a time-twisty murder mystery

Justin Warren, the protagonist of Lauren Thoman’s debut novel, I’ll Stop the World, finds himself in a bit of a pickle. It seems he’s suddenly time-traveled to the 1985 version of his hometown, where he has a week to solve a mystery and save his grandparents’ lives. Lauren Thoman will discuss her work at a “Birthing the Book” event hosted by The Porch in Nashville on May 11.

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An Oak Ridge Story

Half-Life of a Secret explores a family’s secrets and a nation’s silence

In Half-Life of a Secret, Emily Strasser tells the story of her grandfather, a chemist for Oak Ridge’s World War II Manhattan Project, and how family secrets intersect with national ones.

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Memories of Massacre

Historians Beverly Bond and Susan O’Donovan illuminate a tragic chapter in Memphis history

FROM THE CHAPTER 16 ARCHIVE: With Remembering the Memphis Massacre, a collection of essays by notable historians, editors Beverly Bond and Susan O’Donovan bring to light a forgotten chapter in Southern history and explain how it shaped the future of American democracy. 

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Too Coarse for Poetry

Tom Piazza’s new novel imagines an 1883 meeting of writers hoping to redefine America

In Tom Piazza’s novel The Auburn Conference, an idealistic scholar arranges a meeting of famous writers in 1883 to debate the meaning of America. Piazza will discuss the book at Burke’s Book Store in Memphis on May 11.

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A River’s Tale

Patti Callahan Henry tells a story of two sisters and the power of fairy tales

Operation Pied Piper, initiated by the British government in September 1939, relocated thousands of children in an effort to protect them from war bombing. In Patti Callahan Henry’s novel The Secret Book of Flora Lea, young sisters Hazel and Flora find themselves displaced with so many others, thrust into a terrifying adventure. Henry will appear at Landmark Booksellers in Franklin and Parnassus Books in Nashville on May 17.

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