Chapter 16
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A Brave Guy

Keel Hunt chronicles the life and career of a great Tennessee jurist

A Sense of Justice: Judge Gilbert S. Merritt and His Times isn’t just a biography of Judge Merritt. It’s a chronicle of Nashville’s most influential movers and shakers through more than five decades.

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The Survivor’s Song

Mark Jarman’s latest collection considers time, memory, and loss

In his latest collection, Zeno’s Eternity, poet Mark Jarman probes the role memory plays in celebration and sorrow.

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In Myth America, liberal historians fight back against conservative myths

Led by Kevin Kruse and Julian Zelizer, 20 scholars challenge the fables and fabrications that plague our understanding of American history.

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The Keys to a Better Life

Photographer Andrew Feiler documents the Rosenwald Schools of the Jim Crow South

FROM THE CHAPTER 16 ARCHIVE: In A Better Life for Their Children, photographer Andrew Feiler explores the history of the Rosenwald Schools, a collaboration between Booker T. Washington and philanthropist Julius Rosenwald that brought education to thousands of Black children in the segregated South. Feiler’s photographs are featured in an exhibition at the Tennessee State Museum in Nashville through May 21.


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Meet Me Deep in This Mystery

Moments of internal reckoning resonate in three recent poetry collections

In three recent poetry collections by Tennessee authors, moments of internal reckoning take center stage. Katherine Smith’s Secret City, Darius Stewart’s Intimacies in Borrowed Light, and Tyler Friend’s Him or Her or Whatever all foreground highly subjective perspectives in resonant conflict with the world around them.

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