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Ed Tarkington

Don’t You Dare Say Nothin’

In Odie Lindsey’s Some Go Home, secrets, lies, and myths collide across generations

Complex strands of cultural and personal history intersect in Odie Lindsey’s Some Go Home, an ambitious debut novel exploring the relationship between private trauma and public strife. Lindsey will discuss Some Go Home in virtual events hosted by the Southern Independent Booksellers Association on August 6 and the Southern Festival of Books, October 1-11.

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A Mystery in Red Hook

James McBride returns with a tale about a shooting gone wrong in late-60s Brooklyn

In James McBride’s Deacon King Kong, a hard-drinking, hallucinating Baptist deacon known as Sportcoat shoots the ear off a notorious drug dealer in broad daylight, and an aging cop and an Italian mobster try to save Sportcoat from meeting his end in the housing projects of Red Hook Brooklyn. 

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Pitching for a Level Field

In The Resisters, Gish Jen depicts an eerily plausible near-future dystopia

Gish Jen’s fifth novel, The Resisters, imagines a world where the poor struggle to survive on houseboats buffeted by swollen seas, the rich live comfortably on high ground, and a young woman’s talent for baseball can lead to revolution. Gish Jen will appear in conversation with Ann Patchett to discuss The Resisters at Parnassus Books in Nashville on February 12.

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Overdoing a Good Thing

In Overdoing Democracy, Robert B. Talisse makes the case for stepping back from the maelstrom of politics

Robert B. Talisse’s Overdoing Democracy explains how our national addiction to politics is undermining the purposes for which democracy was conceived. Talisse will discuss the book at Barnes & Noble at Vanderbilt in Nashville on November 21.

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Fire Children

With Nothing to See Here, Kevin Wilson continues to perfect his gift for surreal tragicomedy

In Nothing to See Here, Kevin Wilson once again dazzles with a bizarre, comic, and heartbreaking tale of two children who spontaneously burst into flames and the wayward woman who comes to love them. Kevin Wilson will discuss Nothing to See Here at Parnassus Books in Nashville on November 11.

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I Am a Narrative

Novelist Jacqueline Woodson explores myriad facets of identity in Red at the Bone

In Red at the Bone, with characteristic lyricism and insight, Jacqueline Woodson delivers an astonishingly rich and resonant portrait of 21st-century American identity. Woodson will discuss the novel at Parnassus Books in Nashville on October 10.

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