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G. Robert Frazier

Cold Pursuit

A girl’s quest to save her sister heats up Ellie Cypher’s debut YA thriller

The Girl from Shadow Springs, the debut YA novel by East Tennessee writer Ellie Cypher, depicts a young woman’s struggle against a brutal environment as she tries to save her kidnapped sister.

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Alone and Never Touched

A lonely young woman becomes a murder suspect in R.J. Jacobs’ Somewhere in the Dark

In his second psychological thriller, Somewhere in the Dark, Nashville writer R.J. Jacobs sends his troubled young protagonist on a quest to find a killer and exonerate herself.

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Intrigue in Spain

Mike Maden hits another bullseye with Tom Clancy Firing Point

Trouble has a way of finding President Jack Ryan and his son, Jack Jr., the legendary heroes of the late Tom Clancy’s clandestine spy thrillers who are back for another go in Tom Clancy Firing Point by Knoxville’s Mike Maden. The author will hold a virtual discussion about the book with Union Ave. Books in Knoxville on June 14.

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Boy Meets Girl

Insatiable lust and blind love torment the protagonist of Corey Mesler’s latest novel

Camel’s Bastard Son, the new novel from Memphis author Corey Mesler, is equal parts bizarre, hilarious, and sexually explicit.

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Broken Lives

Don Winslow’s action-filled collection is layered with emotion

In his new novella collection, Broken, Don Winslow takes a breather from the intensely dark depictions of violence in his Cartel crime trilogy, but he still provides plenty of action to satisfy readers

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Hoffa’s Downfall

Maury Nicely offers a compelling account of Chattanooga’s biggest trial

In Hoffa in Tennessee: The Chattanooga Trial That Brought Down an Icon, Maury Nicely recounts the 1964 trial of Teamsters boss Jimmy Hoffa, which brought a national media frenzy to Tennessee.

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