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Sean Kinch

No Closure

Elliot Ackerman’s memoir offers a soldier’s-eye view of conflicts in the Middle East

Elliot Ackerman reveals the complexities and personal costs of war in his memoir, Places and Names. Ackerman will appear at the 2019 Southern Festival of Books, held in Nashville on October 11-13.

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Damaged Goods

In Martin Clark’s new legal thriller, The Substitution Order, a fallen Virginia lawyer tries to clear his name

In Martin Clark’s new legal thriller, The Substitution Order, a Virginia lawyer attempts to piece together his life after cocaine addiction. Martin Clark will discuss the book at Novel in Memphis on August 19 and Parnassus Books in Nashville on August 20.  

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A World on Fire

In Eric Barnes’ Above the Ether, survivors of global catastrophe seek new beginnings

Eric Barnes’ Above the Ether follows characters who survive flood, fire, and pestilence in an attempt to start anew in the burned-out shell of an industrial city. Eric Barnes will discuss Above the Ether at Novel in Memphis on June 11.

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Self-Inflicted Wounds

Jonathan Metzl’s Dying of Whiteness details the dangers of racial resentment

In Dying of Whiteness, Nashville psychiatrist Jonathan M. Metzl examines the roots of political self-sabotage in struggling and middle-class white voters.

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The Shadow City

W.M. Akers’s debut novel, Westside, depicts an alternate New York where evil lurks

Westside, the debut mystery by Nashville native W.M Akers, takes place in an alternate version of New York City in 1921. Gilda Carr, a private investigator, gets dragged into mysteries involving her dead father and a colorful cast of villains.

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Time to Grow Up

In Claire Gibson’s Beyond the Point, three young soldiers fight enemies both external and internal

In Beyond the Point, Nashville novelist Claire Gibson follows three female basketball players through West Point and beyond. As love and loss test their strength, these soldiers discover who their allies really are. Gibson will appear at Parnassus Books in Nashville on April 3.

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