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The Good-Heartedness Never Leaves

George Singleton brings his gift for storytelling to the essays in Asides

In the introduction to his essay collection, Asides, George Singleton writes, “There happen to be some great essayists. I don’t count myself in this group.” Readers who dive into this lovely slim book full of dogs, writing advice, and summer jobs will disagree.

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In the Presence of the Unseen

Poet Jane Hicks uncovers hidden worlds in The Safety of Small Things

Throughout East Tennessee poet Jane Hicks’ stunning new collection, The Safety of Small Things, the unseen elements of our lives reveal themselves in vibrant, insistent ways. With masterful discernment, Hicks enables us to sense the many-layered truths contained in each moment and to marvel at their resonance. 

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In Praise of Regulation

Ganesh Sitaraman explains how to fix flying

Anyone who relies on the airline industry to get where they need to go can tell stories about delays, cancellations, shrinking storage space, and general dissatisfaction with the entire process. Vanderbilt University professor Ganesh Sitaraman spells out the remedy for this state of affairs in Why Flying Is Miserable and How to Fix It.

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Trepidation Is Big Business

Jonathan Metzl wants to reframe the gun debate

In What We’ve Become, Vanderbilt professor Jonathan Metzl demonstrates why gun reform has failed and offers new strategies for changing the debate. Metzl will launch What We’ve Become at the Hermitage Hotel in Nashville on January 31.

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“Steve’s Short-Sleeve Shirt”

Book Excerpt: Obama’s Children

FROM THE CHAPTER 16 ARCHIVE: Earl S. Braggs is a UC Foundation and Battle Professor of English at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. His awards include the International Jack Kerouac Literary Prize and the Anhinga Poetry Prize. Obama’s Children is his 15th collection of poetry.

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Giving the Lie to Literary Boundaries

The new novel by John Minichillo defies normalcy

In his new science fiction novel, Message in the Sky, Nashville author John Minichillo offers a satirical gateway to notions that defy simplistic classification.

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