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Stories More Like Memories

A family’s storytelling tradition hides and reveals a history of domestic abuse

The Crocodile Bride, the debut novel by Ashleigh Bell Pedersen, is a gripping family saga about the power of storytelling — especially its ability to warm and soften the edges of cold, harsh reality. Pedersen creates a world at once tragic and beautiful, violent and magical, desperately impoverished yet rich in meaning.

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The Man as a Writer

Gordon Van Ness discusses the complex legacy of poet James Dickey

In James Dickey: A Literary Life, Gordon Van Ness, a long-time scholar of the Vanderbilt-educated poet and novelist, has written a comprehensive biography of a complex man and his place in American letters.

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Reckoning as an Act of Love

Emily Bingham exposes the tortuous, white supremacist history behind a familiar song

In My Old Kentucky Home: The Astonishing Life and Reckoning of an Iconic American Song, Emily Bingham reveals the strange career of revisions, evasions, lies, mythmaking, and forgetting behind Stephen Foster’s iconic ballad.

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A Cosmos of Its Own

Jennifer Egan’s The Candy House multiplies the world of A Visit from the Goon Squad

In The Candy House, Jennifer Egan revisits characters she created in A Visit to the Goon Squad. Now they confront a techno-capitalist future in which consumers allow their minds to be accessed. Egan will discuss The Candy House at Parnassus Books in Nashville on May 4.

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The Glorious Pastime: Anjali Enjeti

Anjali Enjeti on the books that inspire her

The Parted Earth, Enjeti’s debut novel, tells a story shaped by the sectarian violence of India’s 1947 partition, following the legacy of that trauma from the streets of New Delhi to 21st-century Atlanta. To mark the book’s paperback release this month, Chapter 16 asked Enjeti to share some of her favorite books and authors via our Glorious Pastime questionnaire.

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