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Maria Browning

A Mystic for Our Time

Joel Harrington considers the medieval life of New Age favorite, Meister Eckhart

In Dangerous Mystic, Vanderbilt historian Joel Harrington explores the life of Meister Eckhart, a medieval theologian whose path to God has been embraced by New Age gurus and contemporary self-help writers. Harrington will discuss Dangerous Mystic at Parnassus Books in Nashville on March 20 at 6:30 p.m

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Unknown Signals

There’s a profound sense of mystery running through the stories in Allen Wier’s Late Night, Early Morning

The twenty-two stories in Allen Wier’s Late Night, Early Morning explore an uncertain territory where love, beauty, grief, and ugliness mingle, and meaning lies just out of reach. Wier will give a free public reading at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville on February 19.

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After Tragedy

Two men’s lives are forever changed in Steve Yarbrough’s The Unmade World

The paths of two very different men intersect in Steve Yarbrough’s The Unmade World, and both lives are changed forever. This tale of entwined fates becomes a meditation on guilt, innocence, and ordinary injustice, as well as a story about how we seek meaning even in the face of life’s most baffling cruelties.

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Around the Table

In a polarized political world, a holiday meal is unexpectedly universal

My mother has dementia, but her old friends in no way shunned or ignored her. She was clearly happy to be there among them, and she said over and over again what wonderful people they are. There was no talk of politics, race, or religion within my hearing.

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Daughters, Lost and Found

In We Are All Shipwrecks, Kelly Grey Carlisle writes about her eccentric family and the legacy of a violent crime

In her memoir, We Are All Shipwrecks, Sewanee alumna Kelly Grey Carlisle delivers an often bleak story with skillful tenderness. In the process she explores the power and limitations of love.

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Of Ghost Plants and Whooping Cranes

Naturalist Stephen Lyn Bales considers a dozen exceptional species in Ephemeral by Nature

In his collection of essays, Ephemeral by Nature, naturalist Stephen Lyn Bales is deeply philosophical about our burdened planet. He makes a convincing case for joy and curiosity despite—or perhaps because of—the transience of all living things.

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