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What Could and Could Not Be

A close bond between cousins is tested in Susan Beckham Zurenda’s debut novel

In Susan Beckham Zurenda’s debut novel, Bells for Eli, narrator Delia Green describes her close relationship through the years with her cousin Eli, whose family lives across the street in the small town of Green Branch, South Carolina. Their bond endures in the wake of an accident that changes both their lives forever. Zurenda will discuss Bells for Eli at The Arts Building in Chattanooga on March 2.

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Barbecuing the Hog

A political rookie hits the campaign trail

There was no sane reason for me to run for Congress, but 1970 was an insane year — and when one is young, all things seem possible.

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Mississippi Murder

Historian Trent Brown unpacks the meaning of the 1969 murder of a young girl

In Murder in McComb, Trent Brown revisits the killing of 12-year-old Tina Andrews, investigating both the crime and its larger meaning. Brown will discuss the book at Novel in Memphis on February 25.   

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Light in Their Darkest Hour

Erik Larson brings Churchill and the Blitz to life

In The Splendid and the Vile, bestselling author Erik Larson explains how Winston Churchill inspired the British people to keep fighting through the dark days when Britain stood alone against the Nazis. Larson will appear at the Bijou Theater in Knoxville on February 25.

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To Celebrate Being Alive

An award-winning poet reflects on the importance of daily practices

In Dailiness: Essays on Poetry, Mark Jarman considers canonical and contemporary writers while reflecting on the kinship of prayers and poems.

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Scrappy Survivors

Claire Jimenez’s debut story collection packs a punch

Staten Island Stories, the debut story collection from Vanderbilt M.F.A. grad Claire Jimenez, depicts the diverse lives of the forgotten borough. Jimenez and poet Cara Dees will discuss their work at Vanderbilt University in Nashville on March 20.

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