Chapter 16
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Pictures of a Life

In Richard Alley’s Amelia Thorn, a woman of her time becomes a woman ahead of her time

Memphis author Richard Alley looks at 20th-century Mississippi and Memphis through a photographer’s eyes. Amelia Thorn is a tale of love, loss, and luck.

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Making Space to Make Art

With Studio, children’s entertainer Emily Arrow debuts her own picture book

Children’s entertainer and musician Emily Arrow pens her first picture book with Studio: A Place for Art to Start. Illustrated by The Little Friends of Printmaking, Studio explores the various spaces artists find to create their art.

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All Aboard the Crazy Train

Penelope Lemon returns in Operation Dimwit

In Operation Dimwit, the second Penelope Lemon novel from Tennessee native Inman Majors, our plucky protagonist must stare down a suspicious cat, trap a trained skunk, and resist the intimidations of a weirdly competitive gym trainer.

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For Something Other Than Himself

Renowned illustrator and book artist Barry Moser reflects on his work

Barry Moser, a Chattanooga native, is a renowned illustrator, printmaker, and book artist, and he’s well known for his portraits of literary greats. In a wide-ranging conversation with Franklin artist Carolyn Beehler, Moser talks about his work, the art world, and what makes the perfect bookstore.

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“The Skin of Meaning”

Book Excerpt: The Skin of Meaning

Keith Flynn is the award-winning author of six collections of poetry and an essay collection, The Rhythm Method, Razzmatazz and Memory. From 1984-1999, he was lyricist and lead singer for the nationally acclaimed rock band The Crystal Zoo, which was formed in Nashville and produced three albums. Flynn is founder and managing editor of Asheville Poetry Review.

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Intertwining Personal and National Histories

Michael Knight’s third novel seeks to make the comic campus story into something deeper

Knoxville novelist Michael Knight discusses the intersection of the personal and political in his third novel, At Briarwood School for Girls, set at a prep school in 1990s Virginia.

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