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Tina Chambers

At Childhood’s End

Four young friends discover more about the world — and themselves — than they bargained for

Shannon Greenland’s Scouts is an old-fashioned summer adventure story, complete with wild animals, a menacing mountain clan, spooky caves, and dangerous strangers. Greenland will appear at the 2019 Southern Festival of Books, held in Nashville on October 11-13.

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Hubris Against God and Man

Rebecca Hanover’s debut YA novel looks at the questions surrounding human cloning

When 16-year-old Emma Chance loses her best friend to suicide, she never dreams that one of her new classmates will turn out to be his clone. In The Similars, first-time YA author Rebecca Hanover uses a story about human cloning to examine the evils of sexism, racism, and xenophobia.

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Monday’s Child

The second book in Natalie Lloyd’s Problim Children series is a rollicking adventure filled with uncanny delights

In The Problim Children: Carnival Catastrophe, Chattanooga author Natalie Lloyd weaves startling visions, family secrets, and magical powers into a perfect balance of sweet and tart that’s just plain fun. Lloyd will appear at the 2019 SCBWI Fall Conference autograph party in Franklin on September 14 and Ya-Hoo Fest in Chattanooga on September 21.

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Setting the World Aflame

Twins fight for justice in Kaitlyn Sage Patterson’s latest YA fantasy

In The Exalted, the second in her fantasy series, Memphis YA author Kaitlyn Sage Patterson, a Maryville native, continues the story of a rebellious teen and her long-lost twin as they fight against oppression. Patterson will appear at Novel in Memphis on May 21.

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A Protection Against Oblivion

Lindsey A. Freeman’s unconventional memoir recreates a childhood in the atomic city

A frequent visitor to her grandparents’ Oak Ridge home as a child, sociologist Lindsey A. Freeman grew up under the shadow of an atomic cloud, an experience she explores in a new memoir, This Atom Bomb in Me.

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Minding the Metaphors

Walking a labyrinth for the first time taught me to trust the path

My intention had been to attend a writing retreat, but I suddenly had the feeling that I was actually there to attend a labyrinth retreat.

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