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Summer Drink of Choice

In The Juice novelist Jay McInerney collects the best of his essays about wine

June 20, 2012 Former Nashvillian Jay McInerney is enjoying a fruitful summer thanks to his love of grapes and their derivative beverages. A novelist who also works as an enthusiastic wine critic for The Washington Post, McInerney has published The Juice: Vinous Veritas, a collection of essays on his favorite subject. In a recent interview with foodie website Epicurious, McInerney discussed his dreams of owning a vineyard some day and imparted some of his wisdom to the novice wine-drinker, saying, “It’s easier now more than ever to learn about wine. There’s also lots of good wine writing out there now. One of the reasons why I decided to write about wine was because there was very little good wine writing. Most of it was technical, boring, and not very instructive. That’s not really the case anymore.”

L.A. Weekly has also made note of McInerney’s new book, including it on its summer list of recommended books about food and drink. The entry for The Juice begins, “A compilation of novelist and wine writer Jay McInerney’s columns over the years, his latest book offers a global wine tour with stops at El Bulli and closer to home in Paso Robles, as to be expected from a guy who lives by the mantra ‘you can never really drink the same wine twice.’”