Chapter 16
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Strategies for Survival

Margaret Verble’s Stealing weaves a tapestry of pain and resilience

FROM THE CHAPTER 16 ARCHIVE: In her latest novel, Stealing, Margaret Verble probes the ugly history of institutionalizing Native children through the story of one little girl in 1950s Oklahoma. 

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Germs in Action

A comic-style book for young readers offers a delightful tour of the science behind animal immune systems

Heather L. Montgomery explores the weird and wonderful world of animal immunology in her latest book for young readers, Sick! The Twists and Turns Behind Animal Germs.

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Reality with a Twist

Bradley Sides explores the supernatural in Crocodile Tears Didn’t Cause the Flood

Bradley Sides’ sophomore short story collection, Crocodile Tears Didn’t Cause the Flood, combines the mundane with the supernatural.

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Holders of Secrets

Nature bears the burden of memory in William Woolfitt’s Ring of Earth

The stories in William Woolfitt’s collection Ring of Earth respect the complexity of memory — both communal and personal.

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The Life They Were Supposed to Live

A young enslaved woman in New Orleans finds a way to fight back

In his novel The American Daughters, Maurice Carlos Ruffin tells the story of Adebimpe, known as Ady, a young, enslaved woman living in New Orleans just before the Civil War, and the underground network of powerful women to whom she is introduced. Ruffin will appear at Novel in Memphis on March 1 and The Bookshop in Nashville on April 18.

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Power in the Story

Stories from the Tenants Downstairs explores a place that’s both hell and home

FROM THE CHAPTER 16 ARCHIVE: Sidik Fofana’s Stories from the Tenants Downstairs, a debut collection of linked stories, emerges from a high-rise in Harlem, brilliantly capturing the scrapes, scents, and spirit of this gentrifying neighborhood. Sidik Fofana will appear at Vanderbilt University on February 22.

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