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Laying the Foundation

Mary Ellen Pethel’s Athens of the New South credits Nashville colleges for the city’s post-war prosperity

Mary Ellen Pethel’s Athens of the New South argues that Nashville’s growth as a center for commerce and culture is rooted in the institutions of higher education that were founded in the decades after the Civil War.

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The Gray Man Returns

Memphis native Mark Greaney sends his fictional super-assassin to Syria

Mark Greaney’s seventh Gray Man novel, Agent in Place, launches Court Gentry, professional assassin and occasional CIA agent, on an unlikely mission to Syria to retrieve the infant son of a brutal dictator. Greaney will appear on February 24 at Novel in Memphis.

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Unknown Signals

There’s a profound sense of mystery running through the stories in Allen Wier’s Late Night, Early Morning

The twenty-two stories in Allen Wier’s Late Night, Early Morning explore an uncertain territory where love, beauty, grief, and ugliness mingle, and meaning lies just out of reach. Wier will give a free public reading at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville on February 19.

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The Luxury of Dreams

C. J. Redwine adds a new chapter to the gripping Ravenspire saga

In The Traitor Prince, Nashville YA writer C.J. Redwine draws inspiration from sources as disparate as The Hunger Games and The Prince and the Pauper to weave a fiercely original tale of treachery, betrayal, conspiracy, and murder. Redwine will appear at Parnassus Books in Nashville on February 16.

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Time for Murder

Tracee de Hahn’s new thriller features a suspicious death in the Swiss watch industry

Greed, betrayal, and espionage abound in A Well-Timed Murder, Tracee de Hahn’s new thriller, but would someone actually commit murder for a new watch design? De Hahn will appear at Union Ave. Books in Knoxville on February 13 and at Star Line Books in Chattanooga on February 14.

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Empowering Adventure

Young readers learn to challenge injustice in Tracy Barrett’s new middle-grade series

In Tracy Barrett’s Marabel and the Book of Fate, a thirteen-year-old princess searches for her kidnapped twin and learns to recognize the injustices of her kingdom. Barrett will launch her new series at Parnassus Books in Nashville on February 10.

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