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Leaving White Supremacy

Eli Saslow’s Rising Out of Hatred recounts one man’s confrontation with his own racism

In Rising Out of Hatred, Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter Eli Saslow tells the story of Derek Black, a former white nationalist who now speaks out against racism. Saslow will give a free public lecture at the University of Memphis on January 23.

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Double Album, Double World

In That Thin, Wild Mercury Sound, Daryl Sanders documents the making of Bob Dylan’s Blonde on Blonde

In That Thin, Wild Mercury Sound, Nashville music journalist Daryl Sanders painstakingly and reverently narrates the making of Bob Dylan’s Blonde on Blonde, offering a window into the creative process of a genius and the crucial influence of Dylan’s Nashville collaborators in producing a singular work of art.

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A Flawed Hero in Tumultuous Times

Preston Lauterbach’s Bluff City looks at the strange legacy of a civil-rights figure who worked as an FBI spy

Preston Lauterbach considers both the bravery and seeming treachery of a civil-rights photojournalist and FBI informant in Bluff City: The Secret Life of Photographer Ernest Withers. Lauterbach will appear at Novel in Memphis on January 14.

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A Wee Dram of Brilliance

Clay Risen conquers all things Scotch in Single Malt

With Single Malt: A Guide to the Whiskies of Scotland, New York Times whiskey critic and longtime Chapter 16 contributor Clay Risen has created an essential guide to Scotch for “almost everyone.”

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Bon Appetite, Y’all!

Carla Hall turns her international culinary expertise toward her first love—soul food

Soul Food, the third cookbook by Nashville native Carla Hall, is still new, with no stains. But the recipes in the book have been passed down through Southern kitchens on many food-stained recipe cards. Hall will appear in conversation with Kelly Pickler at Parnassus Books in Nashville on December 4.

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Something Beautiful and Exceedingly Difficult

Harrison Scott Key offers a light take on the perils of publication

Harrison Scott Key’s latest book, Congratulations, Who Are You Again?, tells the story of his journey to authorhood and the toll it took on his personal life and emotional health. Plus, there are jokes. Key will appear at Novel in Memphis on November 16.

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