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Al Gore leaves his longtime publisher to join Jon Meacham at Random House

March 21, 2011 Al Gore has left Rodale, publisher of his mega-bestselling books, An Inconvenient Truth (2006) and Our Choice (2009), and plans to publish his next book with Random House. (A third bestseller, The Assault on Reason, was published by Penguin in 2007.) The still-untitled book, reportedly about “our global future,” is due next year and will be edited by Jon Meacham, a Chattanooga native who recently left his post as editor of Newsweek.

Gore is the first author Meacham has signed since joining Random House as an executive vice president in January. Besides editing Gore, Meacham also hosts the weekly PBS program Need to Know; in 2009, he won a Pulitzer Prize for his own most recent book, American Lion, a biography of Andrew Jackson. He believes Gore has a bigger book in him than he’s written so far: “This will have a wider reach. He’s already a writer with a big following and this will give him a bigger canvas,” he told The New York Post.

“He’s proven over the last decade or more that he’s a man worth listening to,” Meacham also said in an interview in The New York Times. “And he’s bringing now decades, plural, of thinking and experience to this book, to take his arguments beyond climate change and really look at the global future.”

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