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Rob Simbeck discusses his career and the art of freelance writing

July 19, 2011 With the sustained recession and the inevitable decline of many print publications, the market for freelance writers is difficult, but Nashville-based journalist Rob Simbeck has some advice for aspiring writers. In an interview with Freelance-Write-Now, Simbeck—author of more than four hundred published articles, and editor or author of six books—explains that diversity is one key to survival: “I’ve written about religion, the funeral business, running, the oil industry, criminals, cops, wildlife, astronomy, music, and much more,” he says, because wide interests and expertise allow a writer to submit to more publications.

The other key to writerly success: actually writing. “The single biggest problem young writers have is their inability to keep their butts in their seats long enough to turn out prose. Period.”

Read the full interview here and learn more about Rob Simbeck here.

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