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Bradley Sides

Human Drama

Chris Offutt on small towns, homesickness, and whether “bad guys” exist

Chris Offutt talks with Chapter 16 about the love that goes into his rural noir thrillers.

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The End of Tennessee as We Know It

David Wesley Williams pens a post-apocalyptic vision of the Volunteer State

David Wesley Williams takes readers on a post-apocalyptic journey from Nashville to Memphis in his latest novel, the rambunctious and rollicking Everybody Knows. Williams will discuss Everybody Knows at Burke’s Book Store in Memphis on January 19.

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Something That Wants to Live

Lark Ascending finds kindness and hope in a bleak world

Silas House’s apocalyptic novel Lark Ascending is truly harrowing, yet even more deeply affecting and tender. House will appear at the 2022 Southern Festival of Books in Nashville on October 14-16 and at Union Ave. Books in Knoxville on November 12.

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Shareable Treasures

There is no better gift than a story

I used to think about the longevity of gifts. What could be given that would be cherished for more than a handful of days or a couple of weeks? Finally, after I had a few years of teaching behind me, I figured it out: stories. Stories do not fade.

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Little Town Killer

Jeremy Scott delivers a fast-paced, complex murder mystery

Jeremy Scott, author of The Ables series and co-creator of YouTube’s CinemaSins, returns with the propulsive and thrilling When the Corn Is Waist High.

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