Chapter 16
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Bradley Sides

Shareable Treasures

There is no better gift than a story

I used to think about the longevity of gifts. What could be given that would be cherished for more than a handful of days or a couple of weeks? Finally, after I had a few years of teaching behind me, I figured it out: stories. Stories do not fade.

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Little Town Killer

Jeremy Scott delivers a fast-paced, complex murder mystery

Jeremy Scott, author of The Ables series and co-creator of YouTube’s CinemaSins, returns with the propulsive and thrilling When the Corn Is Waist High.

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Corruption and Redemption

Wiley Cash’s fourth novel combines rich characters and compelling mystery

Wiley Cash’s When Ghosts Come Home is a timely novel that, while certainly dark, also asks us to believe in hope. Cash will discuss the novel at a virtual event hosted by Novel in Memphis on September 23 and at the online 2021 Southern Festival of Books.

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The Story They Long For

A wonderfully devious narrator drives Mary Dixie Carter’s debut novel

Mary Dixie Carter’s suspense-filled debut thriller, The Photographer, places us in the mind and world of a successful New York City photographer named Delta Dawn.

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Waiting in the Dark

Clay McLeod Chapman’s Whisper Down the Lane is a tale of genuine terror

In Whisper Down the Lane, Clay McLeod Chapman reimagines the McMartin preschool trials and the “satanic panic” era of the 1980s. Chapman will discuss the book at a virtual event hosted by Novel in Memphis on April 8.

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