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Erica Wright

This World of Broken Sins

A small-town deputy comes to terms with his past as he tries to save an innocent man

In Henry Wise’s debut novel Holy City, a tormented police officer investigates a murder that digs up secrets the county would rather keep buried. Wise will appear at Novel in Memphis on June 2.

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All in the Unsaid

A look back on Charles Wright’s influential poetry collection Black Zodiac

In his Pulitzer Prize-winning collection Black Zodiac, Charles Wright pursues timeless questions of aging and mortality.

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Invincible Language

Major Jackson’s latest collection combines new and old poems to dazzling effect

Major Jackson’s sixth poetry collection, Razzle Dazzle, sets the biographical details of the poet’s life alongside the evolution of his work. Jackson will give a reading at East Tennessee State University on September 18. He’ll lead a workshop sponsored by The Porch at Vanderbilt University in Nashville on October 9, and he will appear at the 2023 Southern Festival of Books in Nashville on October 21-22.

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All That Glitters

A Hollywood gossip columnist wrestles with her high-stakes role in a scandal for the ages

In Lindsay Lynch’s debut novel Do Tell, a gossip columnist confronts the dark reality behind the glittery screens of Hollywood’s Golden Age. Lynch will appear at Parnassus Books in Nashville on July 11, The Book & Cover in Chattanooga on July 19, and Novel in Memphis on August 18.

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The Survivor’s Song

Mark Jarman’s latest collection considers time, memory, and loss

In his latest collection, Zeno’s Eternity, poet Mark Jarman probes the role memory plays in celebration and sorrow.

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Let This Homeplace Speak

An award-winning poet reflects on nature, violence, and personal histories

In his latest collection, Blue If Only I Could Tell You, distinguished poet Richard Tillinghast explores his sharp connection to places past and present. Tillinghast will appear at Burke’s Book Store in Memphis on February 23.

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