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A Lin-erick

The New York Times invites Roy Blount Jr. to celebrate the New York Knicks’s Jeremy Lin

February 20, 2012 The sudden fame of point guard Jeremy Lin, who emerged from obscurity this month to lead the New York Knicks in a winning streak, has been dubbed “Linsanity” by punsters in the sports media. It was perhaps inevitable, then, that someone would be inspired to write a “lin-erick,” or to commission one, and if a limerick is called for, the media naturally turn to Roy Blount Jr., a Vanderbilt University graduate whose facility for word play is unmatched among contemporary writers. And that’s just what The New York Times did, with this result:

     When an Asian hoopster named Lin
     Puts it up, it tends to go in.
     And his ethnic persuasion—
     Did I mention?—is Asian!
     Let the wild rumpus begin!

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