Chapter 16
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“Chloe Blooming”

Corey Mesler is the author of five novels, two books of poetry, and three story collections. He lives in Memphis, where he is the co-owner, with his wife Cheryl, of Burke’s Book Store.”Chloe Blooming” is an excerpt from his newest poetry collection, Our Locust Years, available from Unbound Content on July 1, 2013.

Chloe Blooming

While my daughter sleeps
her head is filling with fervor.
She walks into the day,
fearless as the wind at sea.
Her enthusiasm for most things
shames my simple gloom.
Her voice can honey my antipathy.
Her voice can call me back,
crawling like a man who believes
he can still walk erect, that kind of ape.
I follow her, torn between parenting
and learning, between ape and god.