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Infinity: I Am the Power They Can’t Tear Down

Infinity: I Am the Power They Can’t Tear Down

Infinity: I Am the Power They Can't Tear Down

Sherrilyn Kenyon
320 pages

“Kenyon, whose paranormal adult novels include 50 New York Times best-sellers, brings characters from her Dark Hunter series to teens with a new YA series featuring Nick Gautier, who appears here as a 14-year-old. After arriving at school and discovering that the football team members have turned into classmate-eating zombies, Nick sets out to stop the attacks, and in one unforgettable night, he learns that he has a pivotal role to play in an unseen world. The plot serves mostly as a device to introduce a dizzying array of characters, and the prose is laden with breathless ellipses and weighty pronouncements: ‘Anyone could feel the unearthly power that bled from the pores of this particular . . . being.’ But Kenyon keeps the supernatural action careening along, and conversational banter lightens the tone. Kenyon has ratcheted down her tone from the adult series considerably: there are no steamy sex scenes or oaths stronger than ‘dang,’ and there is little gore. Be prepared for lots of interest in the series from young Twilight fans.”

–Lynn Rutan, Booklist