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Naked Girls Reading

Gallatin poet Elizabeth McClellan is a finalist for an unusual literary award

October 3, 2011 “Razor Hair Girls,” a poem by Gallatin native Elizabeth McClellan, is one of five finalists for the 2011 Naked Girls Reading Literary Honors. The winner will be announced in Chicago on November 18 after a live, on-stage reading of the finalists by the Naked Girls, a group of “beautiful ladies who love to read…naked,” according to their website.

Curious to know more? Well, of course you are, but there’s not much more to know, apparently: “That’s really it,” the website continues:

There’s not a whole lot more to it. Should there be?

I mean, sure, we also like to do it in front all of you voyeurs via photos, videos and very special live events, but you don’t have to look for something larger here – something pretentious or even seedy. Once you experience it, you’ll stop asking so many questions and just let the concept take you.

There’s something beautiful, something altogether more intimate, about a woman reading pretty much anything in her, well, altogether. It’s just that simple. So why are we still talking about it? Because people can’t seem to accept its simplicity.

Naked Girls. Reading.

or Girls Reading. Naked.

To read an excerpt from McClellan’s poem, click here.

McClellan, a third-year law student at the University of Memphis, was also nominated earlier this year for a 2011 Rhysling Award by the Science Fiction Poetry Association. Read more about that honor here.

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