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Tina Chambers

There’s No Place Like Home

On the particular joy of visiting a beloved author’s house

I am drawn to the homes of famous writers like a wayfaring pilgrim on a lifelong literary crusade. Somehow, I manage to talk my patient husband into going along for the ride. But he doesn’t really mind. He has seen what these nerdy excursions mean to me.

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Wild Things

Chattanoogan Dave Connis examines the fallout from censorship in his new YA novel

When Clara Evans, the protagonist of Suggested Reading, shows up for the first day of her senior year in high school, the last thing she expects to do is start a revolution. The book — Chattanooga writer Dave Connis’ second young adult novel — presents readers with a complex and nuanced portrait of the consequences of censorship.

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Not Quite, but Close Enough

Pat Conroy’s widow pays tribute to the larger-than-life author and their 18 years together

In Tell Me a Story, Cassandra King Conroy recalls her happy marriage to the late novelist Pat Conroy. The author will appear at Novel in Memphis on November 5, at Parnassus Books in Nashville on November 7, and at Girls Preparatory School in Chattanooga on December 5.

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The World Would Never Be the Same

Alan Gratz’s new novel for young readers sensitively portrays multiple perspectives on D-Day

In Allies, his latest novel for young readers, New York Times bestselling author and Knoxville native Alan Gratz returns to a favorite subject: World War II depicted through the eyes of young people. Gratz will appear at Union Ave. Books in Knoxville on October 23.

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Nuanced and Complex and Enigmatic

Malcolm Gladwell reveals our sometimes tragically ineffective strategies for dealing with people we don’t know

In Talking to Strangers, Malcolm Gladwell examines notorious misunderstandings between strangers and what they can teach us. Gladwell will appear at Belmont University in Nashville on October 22.

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The Devil’s Nightmare

Kerri Maniscalco ends her Victorian murder mystery series at the Chicago World’s Fair

In her young adult novel Capturing the Devil, Kerri Maniscalco once again combines romance, murder, and Victorian manners into an intoxicating cocktail that brings the Stalking Jack the Ripper mystery series to a satisfying close.

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