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Michael Ray Taylor

The Man as a Writer

Gordon Van Ness discusses the complex legacy of poet James Dickey

In James Dickey: A Literary Life, Gordon Van Ness, a long-time scholar of the Vanderbilt-educated poet and novelist, has written a comprehensive biography of a complex man and his place in American letters.

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Call of the Wild

David George Haskell explores all things acoustic within the natural world

David George Haskell’s fourth book, Sounds Wild and Broken, explores the evolutionary physics of sound. As species die off from vanishing wilderness, pollution, and climate change, Haskell cautions, our world grows ever more silent. Haskell will discuss Sounds Wild and Broken at Parnassus Books in Nashville on March 1.

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Parting Shot

Ace Atkins pens his tenth installment in an iconic detective series

Spenser, a hard-punching, Shakespeare-quoting private eye created over 50 years ago by Robert B. Parker, is hired to safeguard a congresswoman chased by homegrown terrorists in Robert B. Parker’s Bye Bye Baby, the tenth installment in the iconic series from the pen of Ace Atkins.

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Forgotten Flora

Georgann Eubanks celebrates endangered native plants in Saving the Wild South

In Saving the Wild South, Georgann Eubanks and photographer Donna Campbell visit seven Southern states to seek out rare native plants. Eubanks creates compelling narratives of the natural history of 10 endangered species, along with the personal histories of dedicated individuals fighting to save these plants from extinction.

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Shades of Humanity

Ruta Sepetys’ young adult masterpiece becomes a graphic novel

Between Shades of Gray, an award-winning 2011 YA novel by Nashville writer Ruta Sepetys, has been adapted as a stunning graphic novel illustrated by Dave Kopka and a talented support team. The story explores the horrors of Stalin’s gulags as experienced by a young Lithuanian artist deported to Siberia in 1941 with her mother and brother.

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Murder Songs and Mountain Secrets

A story of women bound by blood and music

The Ballad of Laurel Springs, the new novel from East Tennessee native Janet Beard, follows nine generations of women in a fictional town at the base of the Smoky Mountains, weaving murder, tragedy, and heartbreak into a singular tale bound together by the power of music.

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